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The “well-kept”and “well drawn” Essaouira was controlled by the Phoenicians and later the Carthaginians, before ending up in the Romans’ hands until the fifth century.

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The High Atlas, sometimes called Morocco’s rooftop, is an immense 750 km barrier that separates Saharan Morocco from Atlantic and Mediterranean Morocco. But this “giant” is not only a roof. It’s also a great place for pasture and sports.

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Skoura is a delightful palm grove spreading along 25km, east of Ouarzazate. Famous for its beautiful Kasbahs, it holds a lot of villages where the inhabitants live off agriculture and livestock farming. Lately, lots of guest houses have opened so as to welcome travellers eager to discover the beauty of this region.

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In the central high Atlas, this valley is located far from the modern world uproar. It lives peacefully, according to the rhythm of seasons. Thanks to the miracle of water, there spreads a long ribbon of colourful and changing cultures. The rammed earth houses harmoniously blend into the landscape.

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