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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Water

    During your journey, only take mineral water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Never use tap water. In the desert, as water is precious, in the morning you will use a small bucket for washing.  Near the dining tent there will be a small bucket with water and soap for hand washing. Depending on where the bivouac will be, close to a water point or not, more water can be available. You will have to adapt to the supply found along the way.
  • Tips

    Although it is not a must, it is a tradition in Morocco to give something to the team at the end of the voyage. It is up to you to decide what to give, there is neither obligation nor minimum amount.
  • Dustbin

    There will always be a big plastic bag fixed at the dining tent for all rubbish you would like to put. Every day a guide will separate what can be burnt and what will be taken to a proper dustbin in the next town. There will also be another bag specifically for papers to be burnt. Our philosophy is to leave the place totally clean. .
  • Pharmacy

    Your guide will have a complete first aid kit but if you have specific treatment, please carry it with you. It is important to alert the guide and the cook of any stomach problem symptoms. Do not hide or be shy of this.
  • The local team

    They are people we have been working with for many years, met along the way of our trips discovering new regions. All of them from their own area will be dedicated to you from the first day to the last. They are very experienced and we consider their work and salaries at the end of the trip. They are very gentle and honest, so do not hesitate to create good contact with them and discuss. Their number will be according to the size of the group. But as a rule we have one camel for two clients and if someone wants his own camel, it is possible with an extra 90 Euros.
  • Organization

    On arrival at the airport, some one will take you to your Riad Hotel. He will give you all details of your travel and will inform you on the meeting point and time the next day. Be on time on the second day for the transfer as it can be a long trip because of stops on the way: driver?s rest, time for you to relax, lunch on long journeys or just a quick bit for the shorter trips. Then you will be meeting the team in charge of the camels and prepare for the night. On the next morning, three teams will be organized. The first one for those going trekking, the second one will go ahead with the cook and a camel driver to prepare lunch. The third team is the rest of the group who will go directly to the spot for the night. That means you will get your bags in the evening only. Most of the walk will be done in the morning with a stop after two hours where you will get dry fruit. After lunch there will be a short walk to complete the day.
  • Equipment

    Everything regarding the trekking will be provided. You just need to come with your personal belongings. Please check the list sent to you. Carrying equipment: It will be done on camels backs, you will only carry your small backpack for your water container and other light things you might want to have with you such as solar cream, a cap, sunglasses, a book. Water will be provided to you at lunchtime to refill your container. Do not take anything else with you but put it in your main bag.
  • Camping

    There is a large tent for diner and tea served with cakes in the end of the afternoon. It can also be used for breakfast and lunch if the weather is bad. Another tent as a kitchen will be deployed to assist as well, and is opened to you if you want to learn how to cook local food or just help. Another tent is used for toilets which simply a pit covered with plastic, for your convenience. You will be accommodated in dome tents for two people sharing, but there is a possibility of having a single tent with an extra 90 Euros for the whole trip.
  • Meals

    Our cooks are either Ismail or Omar or Daoud. Using fresh products, they can do miracles! Breakfast is served outside if the weather allows it and you will be given the choice between coffee, milk, green tea, black tea, orange juice, butter, honey, jam, cheese, omelettes, bread, pan cakes. Lunch includes a starter, a main dish and dessert. You will be proposed a salad along with lentils or rice or omelette or pasta. For diner you will have a soup and a main dish that is either couscous, tajine, keftaa, chicken according to trip you chose. Meat will be served only on the first two days because of hygiene conditions. If anyone has a specific diet, it is important to alert us ahead so we can respond to your demand. In Marrakech be careful with row vegetables and avoid fresh orange juices in the street. 
  • Transport

    Mohamed and Idriss are our drivers for the minibuses. Mohamed also drives the Land Cruiser, for the 4X4 circuits. Safety and cleanliness are their priorities and their gentleness and promptness will contribute to the success of your travel.
  • Accommodation

    Accommodation offers very high quality services and the best location possible. For Marrakech we work with Riad Celia. Redouan the Manager and Khalid the waiter will take good care of you at your arrival. The Riad Hotel is situated in the heart of the Medina, 8 minutes from the  Place Jamma Elfna, a few steps from the Bahia Palace, the Dar si Said Museum and the Saadian  tombs. For Ouarzazate, we work with the very beautiful 4 stars Riad es Salaam Hotel. The service, the location, in a quiet area, and its large bedrooms make this Palace one of the best in Ouarzazate.
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