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advice travel morocco

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  • Tell your doctor about the activities you have planned, make sure your physical condition is adapted and that you are in good health before leaving.
  • Check the availability of your documents and make a copy of them.
  • Remember to have your insurance data with you.
  • Make sure your trekking equipment is in good condition.
  • If you wear glasses, carry a second pair in your hand bag.
  • Keep your trekking shoes in your hand bag too.
  • Check with your Airline company the luggage weight you are allowed to have (it might avoid bad surprises at the airport).
  • Check you thoroughly know how to use your camera, and that the batteries are not too low or flat.
  • Give your family or your friends the information that will allow them to get in touch with you during your trip if necessary.
  • Learn a few Berber words. It's always good to be able to greet people in their language.
  • Avoid inappropriate behaviour, hugging or kissing publicly.
  • Always wear decent clothes.
  • In Morocco you can't enter holy places if you are not Muslim.
  • Do not offer any alcoholic drinks to people, you are in a Muslim country.
  • During Ramadan, please avoid drinking, eating, or smoking publicly.
  • Please ask people before taking pictures of them.
  • If you have tea at somebody's place, take off your shoes before getting into the living-room.
  • Do not give sweets, pens or any other objects to children, it encourages begging. You may give things to the head of the village or the teacher.
  • Do not be surprised if some people talk to your kids, pat their head, or give them a present. In Morocco children are much loved and they are everybody's children.
  • Do not show big amounts of money, just exchange the amount you will need in official exchange desks.
  • Take a little pharmacy kit with basic medicines.
  • On Jemaa el fna square in Marrakech ask for your orange juice without ice cubes.
  • Biodegradable waste must be burnt.
  • Plants and cultivated lands must be respected.

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